Iron Man Mask

The Ironman maks is what I have come to start calling ‘the most expensive halloween costumer ever.’ The mask was the first project I took on with my new 3D printer. Taking a 3D surface model from GrabCad, I converted the files to solids and spliced them into parts that needed little support material and would successfully print in my small printer. It took me 6 versions to get to the final design, that includes internal magnets to be able to put the mask on and hold the face mask in place, as accurate of a movie model as I could make. I dream of a 7th version that has mechanical actuaters in it that will open the mask at the push of a button. Maybe some day.

  • Date:June 2013 - October 2013
  • Software: Solidworks 2012, MakerWare - ABS Resin and Magnets
  • Client: Personal

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